Team FUCancer Powered by, announced for the 24 Hours of Booty

Lancaster, PA – At a press conference held today, it was announced by co-founders Chris Laudo and Scott Kingsley, that the new Team FUCancer Powered by will be attending the 24 Hours of Booty event, held in Columbia, MD, on August 27-28, 2011. This newly formed team will be riding with one goal, spread the word about the fight against cancer.

The team is formed from the remnants of Team Thru-It-All, who was one of the top 15 fund raising teams at the 2010 event. “We had talked about 2011 since last years event,” said co-founder Scott Kingsley. “It was a great experience,
and a very well organized event, so we knew we wanted to come back. Cancer has touched both Chris and my families and friends, so it is something that means a lot to us.”

This year, the team decided to take a new direction, and partner with Handlebar Mustache Apparel(, who will be producing the team’s kits and t-shirts. “Scott and I had been talking during rides and emailing about what we wanted to do for 2011,” adds co-founder Chris Laudo. “Then it hit me, why not Team FUCancer? Scott introduced me to their products last year, and we love their shirts and kits, especially the FUCancer line. It seemed perfect. This year is all about good people who are fed up with being passive against cancer. FUCancer fits well with this attitude.”

Handlebar Mustache Apparel is excited and honored to sponsor Team FUCancer Powered by for 24 Hours of Booty. “We have been personally involved with the Lance Armstrong Foundation for the last 11 years, always eager to help support the cause of cancer survivorship.  Our FUCancer line was born of that passion to end the devastation caused by cancer.  We feel there is no better way to say it, than to just say it – FUCancer!”  comments Brett Richard of Handlebar Mustache Apparel.  A portion of every FUCancer sale is donated to LIVESTRONG. “The 24 Hours of Booty and Team FUCancer Powered by is an exciting new way to show our support for this cause.  We know Scott, Chris and all other riders will proudly represent all those affected by cancer.”

At this time, the team is accepting riders, sponsors, and donations. While the event runs for 24 hours, riders of all levels are welcome to the team. Some may prefer to test their endurance and shoot for 200-300+ miles, others are welcome to come ride an hour, or even a lap, in honor or memory of someone. The choice is yours. To join the team, please register with the team for 24 Hours of Booty – Columbia <Click Here>, and meet the minimum donation requirements. It is as simple as that. We also hope you would be interested in participating in a group order for t-shirts and/or jerseys/shorts through Handlebar Mustache to represent the team at the event. Info will be provided later on to team members.

Check back often as more info will be posted when available about team members, sponsors, and other events the team will be riding in. For more information, please contact Scott Kingsley at sak212psu @ or through twitter at @pub_cap_scott.


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