As I road this morning, it really hit me that 10 years ago to the minute, the events of 9/11 were unfolding. On that day, I was starting my 4th year at PSU Berks. That morning, I work up to the radio as my alarm around 9AM, for a 10 AM class. A friend, who was a lover of everything NYC, called me on my cell asking me if I saw what was happening. It all hadn’t really clicked yet, but I was turning on the TV to see the World Trade Center North and South engulfed in flames. I got out of bed, and watched in shock for a few minutes. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I went next door and got my suitemate, AJ, up and told him what happened. We both couldn’t comprehend what was happening, especially when the towers came down. That day, classes were cancelled, and all we could do was sit and watch what was happening. They kept showing replays of the planes crashing, and the buildings coming down. Eventually, we had to turn it off. It’s not that we didn’t care, we did, we just couldn’t look at it anymore. Even though a state of emergency was put on Pennsylvania, I ventured out. It was strange how empty the streets were. When I got back, we tried to find ways to make it a normal day, which was nearly impossible. I tried to avoid the news as much as possible, and we watched movies, checking in every so often to see if there was anything new reporting. The mood on campus was shock, disbelieve, anger, and sadness. Many students were from New York, many from the NYC area. We tried to be there for each other, and do anything we could as a mass. Vigils were held, prayer sessions were held by all faiths, and we came together as family and citizens of the United States of America. As the days passed and weeks, we tried to get back to life. For the soccer team, when we would gather for practice, it was always a strange feeling when a plane would fly overhead on approach to the Reading airport. A month after the tragedy, I had a chance to take a trip to NYC. We got as close to Ground Zero as we could, but we were still blocks away. Flyers, pictures, and notes still hung on the fencing and walls of buildings nearby, pleading for information about their loved ones. It was absolutely heartbreaking. I’ve only been back to NYC once. As today comes to a close, think about those we lost in NYC, DC, Pennsylvania, and across the globe in the war on terror. Don’t forget your loved ones, and friends, and do something nice for someone in need.


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