About The Pub Cap

The Pub Cap brings you close to the action of cycling from a fan’s perspective. We  have ridden bikes all our lives for different reasons. Fun, transportation, health, charity, and racing. We might not have impressive palmarès to our names, but our staff have a passion for cycling. It is more than just racing though. Getting out for a ride can be mentally therapeutic after a long week in the office, while also helping to improve your health and fitness. That is why we strive to bring more than just they guys and gals that are being paid to race.

One thing you might be wondering though, where does “pub cap” come in to cycling? If you ever seen the founder of The Pub Cap at races,  Scott ususally has on a pub cap. It is a little more formal than a baseball cap, but still casual enough to wear anywhere. It’s something unique, so why not name the site after it.


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